Suppose your team has been looking for a qualified software engineer for the past couple of months! You would quickly realize that it’s hard to find a specific person with particular skills your team needs. This is because these skills are in high demand and the number of people with them is scarce in the USA and Canada. But the world is adapting and most companies have been emptied and home offices are the new place to work. This change also expands the range of people you can hire and you can find these experts all over the world.


Why global recruiting 

With a wide range, global recruiting allows us to get access to talented people that, in the past, would have been hard to hire. Now, we can build our dream work team with people worldwide that generate the outcomes you want, but besides finding the right person for the right job, what more could offer global recruiting? Here are three things that could be interesting for American businesses.


Budget Friendly

The cost of living in various countries worldwide varies, making a normal American salary more attractive in some countries. For example, research collected by Glassdoor reports that Developers in the US earn almost 9 times more than Mexican professionals with the same skills.  If you know how to use your budget wisely, you can get the most talented people in the world!

Things like PTO, bonus rewards, or tools such as computers are usually automatically included in a normal American budget however, these are non-existent in many countries since the business culture is different. If your company provides these benefits, it can give you an advantage in attracting this specialized talent and establish positive brand awareness in another country.  


Become a more diverse company 

A diverse work environment is finally becoming a priority for companies and they are realizing the benefits of it. Not only can you learn about each others’ religious traditions through working together, It also allows you to improve your company culture by creating a strong engagement and community where respect is more important than ever. 


Business expansion

Global recruiting could be the perfect first step if you want to become an international company. Understanding how locals do business and the culture in that country will help when expanding your products and services into other countries that have huge potential markets not yet dominated by your competitors. This process can be confusing but having someone who understands those particular regions can make launching your company in a new country much easier.

In Innovalti, we’ve helped clients expand their brand and company into Latin America. The first step is global recruiting, Although the process of global recruiting may seem daunting at first, it can be incredibly rewarding to find and hire the best talent from all over the globe. By expanding your search outside of your own country, you open yourself up to a wealth of new possibilities and can build a team that is not only talented but diverse and culturally aware. Are you ready to start exploring global recruiting? Subscribe to our newsletter for more tips on how to make the most of this growing trend in the world of business.