In recent years, AR (Augment Reality) has augmented its popularity. With new technological advances, the potential for AR is more significant than ever before.

So what can we expect from the future of AR? Here are some predictions. 

AR will become more widespread and accessible to the average person. With devices like the Microsoft HoloLens and the Apple iPhone X, AR is becoming increasingly mainstream. In addition, there will be more opportunities for people to use AR in their everyday lives. Now picture this, imagine being able to view your Facebook feed through a filter that adds augmented elements like funny hats and sunglasses. 

Here are some examples of AR initiatives:


AR & Sales 

Shoppers are using their smartphones more than ever to compare prices or look up additional information on products they’re browsing. World-famous motorcycle brand Harley Davidson is one outstanding instance of a company making the most out this trend by developing an AR app that allows users in stores with motorcycles for sale, which can be seen as well customized through customization options, including colors and features before purchase. The beauty industry is not far behind, it has implemented AR so that customers can see how they look with different products such as eyes shadow, blushes, eyeliners, etc.

This new technology not only helps shoppers get what they want much quicker but also opens up all kinds of opportunities like authentic interactivity between merchants. 


AR & Learning and development

Augmented Reality (AR) technology allows organizations to train employees from anywhere. Operators can experience the environment they will be working in and learn how different pieces of equipment function without ever having physical proximity to it, increasing their confidence as well as that for clients who may not have any familiarity or training themselves before coming on-site! This method teaches people what needs fixing and helps prevent errors committed through traditional methods like live instruction, where there’s always at least one person present during every session due, just so happens.


AR & Education 

With the potential for augmented reality to support education, it’s time we explore its possibilities. AR will be an essential tool in supporting every age group or level of learning, whether visual learners benefit from 3D models that bring concepts alive (or provide additional insight). Educational Projects that introduce children to topics like water conservation, values, or environmental care that need more engagement with the little kids, could find themselves drawn into content with gameplay elements added onto coursework via digital renderings. 

In 2022 Innovalti created a project for The City of Columbia and Richland County in Columbia SC that is focused on water education and awareness for the public. Thanks to Augmented reality, the viewer will be able to safely hop rock to rock in the Saluda River, while exploring and learning about the beautiful natural environment that is right here in the midlands.