Have you heard of web 3.0? If you have, you are probably someone who is into tech or a developer. In simple Web 3.0 is the promise of building a new web protocol and infrastructure. This structure will no longer have an identity tied to any specific platform. The web will be decentralized and the network will be built upon a community of users.

According to Matt Billman, CEO of Netflix, a cloud-based web development platform provider, “the core idea behind Web3 mirrors the original vision of the web; open and decentralized.” But What does web 3.0 offer us?


Web 3.0 is making a significant change to how we use the web and browse online with our own behavior, which means with how you search, how you play games, and how you dress and interact Web 3.0 will have an innovative way for websites to tailor their content explicitly to individual visitors’ characteristics, rather than having one set version available.


Web 3.0 is a more secure way to store your data because it uses blockchain technology. You will also enjoy greater control over your personal information. Everything about you gets recorded onto blocks that nobody else can access except those who own tokens. It means that no hackers can get access to these essential pieces of info.


This could be a good or bad feature depending on how you look at it. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, companies will be able to understand their client’s purchase needs and show them products that interest them. This improves lead conversion rates as well as makes marketing more engaging for you. So your wallet may seem a bit lighter with all of these improved and targeted ads.


On our current form of the web, content creators are often subject to the whims of the platforms they use to share their content. This leads to several problems like unwarranted content censorship and demonetization. In Web 3.0 you can choose to leave a platform and take your reputation with you, plugging it into another interface that more clearly aligns with your values.

While the full potential of web 3.0 is still being explored, it can revolutionize how we interact with the internet. If you are a developer, now is the time to start learning about this new technology so that you can be at the forefront of creating decentralized applications. To stay up to date on all things web 3.0, subscribe to our newsletter and check back regularly for updates.